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Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording is the smart large-size visual summary of your event, done in real-time, under the eyes of your audience.

I listen actively, refine ideas, synthesize and use my creativity to come up with the most impactful visual representations of the content.

Graphic recording helps reflection, problem-solving, interaction and makes people see the BIG picture! It helps communicate complex issues and create more engagement.
It is not just ,,nice pictures,,. It’s INSIGHT and enhancing the key take-aways from your event!

I deliver digital graphic recording, hand-drawn graphic recording on paper and remote graphic recording (working digitally at distance, in real time).

Where is it used?

- Conferences, Summits, Presentations and Panel discussions
- Workshops, Team-buildings, Trainings, Leadership retreats
- Meetings: Strategy meetings and Business meetings in general, Sales meetings, Board&Vision Meetings, Coaching meetings.

The style can vary and it’s subject to previous agreement depending on the communication objectives (rich, more colored and metaphorical for big events with large audience; simple, focused on concept and clarity for business meetings).


Graphic Facilitation

Graphic facilitation (Visual facilitation)
Graphic facilitation contains all customized visual communication created to support events and processes. The possibilities of graphic facilitation are endless because the templates are customized to respond to certain needs and communication objectives.
A big part of the graphic facilitation deliverables are planed and realized in advance of an event. They can be hand-drawn or digital and printed large-scale.

Under the umbrella of graphic facilitation tools, as communicator and visual solutions designer I create:
– visual frameworks to organize group ideas
– visual knowledge walls representing the key concepts to sustain focused conversations during events or in work spaces
– visual strategic plans and vision maps (during an event or after, using key-notes)
– customer journeys explained visually
– visual annual reports
– documents summarized and translated visually
– customized digital portraits for leaders or speakers and visual support for their speech- creative visual representations of the key ideas)
– explanatory videos (video scribing)
– customized illustrations for
– original 3D objects for your workspace or event

Graphic facilitation aligns the group, accelerates understanding, increases participation and engagement, facilitates decision-making and problem-solving.



Coming next

Visual Thinking Workshop Trainer

Nowadays, communication and information are unstoppable powers. Skills to express, summarize, clarify, as well as to make the complex information simple and comprehensive are essential.

As a certified trainer with more than 10 years teaching and training experience (formal and non formal education), I love to design and facilitate visual thinking workshops for corporate teams. In this way I help professionals to learn visual tools for clarity, strategy skills, collaboration and change.
You may choose to join a Go Visual workshop or reserve one especially for your team if you want them to:
– Build visual library using basic shapes
– Learn how to express ideas in simple drawings
– SEE and CAPTURE the BIG PICTURE and the essential CONCEPTS and IDEAS
– Learn how to ACTIVELY and TRULY LISTEN
– ENGAGE everyone during meetings or presentations and CREATE a SENSE of UNDERSTANDING.

Who is this for?
Trainers, Coaches, Team leaders and managers
Talent development experts and staff
Strategic planning leaders
UX and UI designers
Analysts, product owners and managers
Project managers or coordinators
Scrum or agile enthusiasts

Ready to Go Visual? Contact me to see how this could help you or your team.