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Hi! I’m Bianca.
The 3 most important things
about me

1. I’m addicted to ice cream and learning!

2. My great-great-great-… grandfather was a cave painter.

Yes, one of those ones! Drawing on caves walls, he revolutionized communication and totally engaged his tribe by explaining clearly to them the plan and help them see the benefits, the results, the BIG picture! So I followed in his footsteps and…

3. My Journey

After doodling on notebooks at school and re-illustrating my children books, I got interested in stories and the connection between text and image. So I started writing!

By studying Communication & Advertising I specialized in Information design and organizational culture. I learnt to listen, filter and process information, make the essential shine and play with words & images to make people interested.

Art faculty meant daily visual practice, one ice-cream at a time.

Working in press, Television and Advertising polished my creativity, communication skills and playfulness.

All this time I went on international trainings and workshops about participatory methods around Europe. I was also active in education (both formal and non-formal), being a certified trainer.

And here I am, with a rich background and an out-of-the box approach, delivering graphic recording and facilitation packed as insightful visual experiences to companies and governments around the world for over 4 years now!

Thank you for reading about me. You can see how the visual help works here.

Hi, I’m Bianca.

I’m a visual practitioner with a background in Art and Journalism – as a matter of fact, among the few in the world with this background in the industry. And this gives me superpowers!

You see, what I love most is to create stories with images and words. This means I power up visualisation of complex informations and I create visual goodies that can make your project visible, unique and outstanding! Not only this, but I help you to deliver it to the right audience in a clear package!
So, check the visual goodies and let’s get in touch!

Thank you,
Sincerely yours,
Bianca – the visual wizard.