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My Second Testimonial

The visual concept that Bianca designed and realized was definitely, one of the most creative and efficient we ever had in over 10 years of participation to different events! As visual solutions designer, she was a great concept partner helping us to transpose in a clear and appealing way our complex workflow, otherwise hard to understand by outsiders. We received a lot of attention- many times the visual was used to directly explain specific aspects on it. The participants said that seeing everything on the wall crystallized it immediately! I am happy that our visibility and exposure objectives were fully accomplished and more, our offer became memorable and easy to be understood. If you wish to be relevant and unforgettable during your events, Bianca and her creative skills can help you succeed!

My First Testimonial

Bianca was graphic recorder and facilitator for our global network’s annual workshop ,,Resilience Week,,. Professionals from San Francisco, Seattle, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, Vancouver, Barcelona, New Mexico, Accra, Johannesburg gathered and Bianca rapidly managed to integrate in this multi-ethnic group with natural grace. Due to the specific and technical scope of our debates and presentations, Bianca’s preparation was crucial and she proved to be more than ready for the challenge. She understood, comprehended and applied what she was capturing into outstanding visuals. Her canvas (graphic recording) and graphic facilitation deliverables were incredibly accurate, helpful and visually impacting. She added real value to our event and thanks to her work I get to use parts of it even in the rest of my tasks, in reports, evaluation and internal communication. Moreover, Bianca’s professionalism proved impeccable in respecting the sensitive nature of the contents discussed. I recommend Bianca and her skills. Indeed she is the visual help you need!